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How to choose parquet style laminate
 Aug 17, 2020|View:615|Share to:

1. Choose the level

Like solid wood flooring, solid wood composite spc flooring is also divided into high-quality, first-class, and qualified products.

2. Look at the surface

Pay attention to the thickness of the surface veneer. Some profiteers sell the 0.6mm surface layer as 1mm or 2mm. From the side, the solid wood veneer seems to be thick, but it is actually painted with thick paint!

3. Look at the structure

When buying a floor, you can use the four-sided tenon of the multilayer solid wood floor to see the material every time. The so-called solid wood composite floor means that each layer is solid wood! Observing the cross section of the floor, you can also find that the lines are a continuation of the front!

How to choose parquet style laminate