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E.I.R SPC flooring

The surface wood grain of E.I.R SPC flooring has the amazing true grain, the multi-level but not disorderly, let the natural element to be able to spread out heartily, present the natural sagacity steady quality feeling, can foil its delicate delicate feeling, increases the life interest, therefore, let the interior rich sense of hierarchy and texture. The application of E.I.R SPC flooring has created a very good environment for office, business, school, and culture.

Changzhou Zhengfeng New Material Technology CO., LTD is mainly engaged in SPC material flooring research and development, manufacturing, and sales committed to bringing customers high cost-effective, green SPC flooring. We focus on floor product design and innovation, not only to provide OEM services but also by virtue of strong production and R & D capacity to establish their own brand. If you are interested in learning more about the order, please e-mail us at