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How to maintain high quality 5mm SPC flooring
 Aug 17, 2020|View:516|Share to:

1. After installing High quality 5mm SPC flooring, attention should be paid to daily use to extend the service life. Although the composite floor has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning, it cannot be ignored in scientific maintenance.

2. In order to avoid long-term soaking of the floor without washing it with water, the floor is not used for cleaning, alkaline soap and other strong corrosive cleaning liquids are used to clean the floor. They should be kept dry and clean.

3. It is recommended that you rub the sole door for cleaning dust particles, and put some pads on the ground to avoid damaging the floor; when you move the furniture, you cannot drag it, and you also need to move the elevator. If floor heating is available, the floor must be heated to prevent improper temperature control and floor damage.

How to maintain high quality 5mm SPC flooring