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How is a 6mm rigid core flooring resistant to moisture?
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In the decoration will be laid floor, the floor is decorated must use of materials, and is also a wide variety of commonly used floor, the floor of the different materials present role is also different, as people income level rise now, can choose some better floor, especially 6mm rigid core flooring, so 6mm rigid core flooring is how to do?


1, rigid core flooring need not deliberately to waterproof layout, the waterproof rigid core flooring has five parts, waterproof screed layer, basic layer, decorative paper layer, wear-resistant layer, and UV layer. Waterproof layer in addition to waterproof and leveling role, due to the addition of wear-resistant layer, in maintenance is very easy to say, do not need to wax, basic and tile cleaning can be.

2, decoration floor must choose a good quality floor, especially the waterproof floor, the first choice is a waterproof rigid core flooring, whether it is accidentally sprinkled a lot of water, or accidentally dropped a cigarette, as long as the wipe a few times.

So what are the points of attention to the spc flooring manufacturer?

1, wear-resisting layer

Often such comparisons identify advantages. The larger the weight of wear-resistant paper, the better the wear resistance. Under normal circumstances, the larger the weight of wear-resistant paper, the lower the definition of the wood grain paper. The floor of choose and buy should not choose brunet or black, because the floor of such design and color is wear-resisting performance is poorer.

2, design and color

The design and color breed of choice and buy should coordinate with indoor light and other color photographs. The place with bad light, unfavorable choose and buy the design and color of light color.

3, Product packaging

The outer packing of the good waterproof rigid core flooring has discernible degree more, have factory name full name, true factory address, true telephone, and indicate product grade, category.

4, Quality identification

The stand or fall performance of floor quality is in the paper of grain of the wood of base material, design and color, wear-resisting layer, and precision of product dimension a few respects. Can pass the glossiness that leaves groove place, fiber precision even degree goes discerning base material stand or fall, the difference on any account that spc flooring installation goes discerning stand or fall. And design and color wood fingerprint and wear-resisting layer naked eye cannot discern.


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