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Professional SPC flooring manufacturer teaches you how to maintain flooring
 May 20, 2022|View:633|Share to:

Professional SPC flooring manufacturer teaches you how to maintain flooringSPC flooring has gained popularity in the flooring industry for a number of reasons, including SPC flooring's long history, manufacturing methods, and various features. But there is no denying that one of the reasons for its popularity is its simple cleaning and maintenance procedures. From a professional SPC flooring manufacturer's point of view, SPC flooring can last up to 20 years if properly maintained.

1. Clean frequently

This may sound corny, but regular cleaning is a proven way to keep your SPC floors in tip-top condition. SPC flooring manufacturer suggests that you can sweep the floor with an ordinary broom, or use a brushless vacuum cleaner and electric broom for technical handling. Clean at least once a week to remove any dust and loose dirt.

spc flooring manufacturer.jpg2. Mop the floor occasionally

Sometimes it's not enough just to sweep the floor. To keep floors clean and stain-free, the SPC flooring manufacturer recommends using a damp cloth or mop and thoroughly cleaning with a mild or neutral pH solution to remove stains. Don't risk using bleach, detergents, or strong abrasive cleaners such as organic solvents, ammonium, or alcohol-based detergents to mop the floor. Excessive water submergence should be avoided when mopping the floor. Water that seeps into joints and edges may also promote mold growth.

3. Handle spills in a timely manner

The majority of spills can be cleaned immediately by wiping them with a damp cloth. The longer the spill stays on the floor, the more likely it is to form a permanent stain. However, some stubborn stains are harder to remove. They can be solved in several different ways.

(1) To remove common stains such as fruit juice, red wine, food, and grease, use SPC floor cleaner.

(2) If you happen to come across stubborn stains from markers, paint, or lipstick, you can find a clean white cloth and soak it in isopropyl alcohol or mineral oil. Wipe the stain and dry the area.

(3) Hard stains such as crayons, candle wax, or even bubble gum can be crisped with ice and gently scraped off with a plastic spatula.

SPC floor is now widely used as a decorative material, and more and more families are choosing to use it. As a professional SPC floor supplier, we have a high-quality product line and a wide variety of styles to choose from to provide you with more services.