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Laminate flooring is really environmentally friendly
 Aug 10, 2020|View:778|Share to:

Laminate flooring also known as composite flooring, scientific name impregnated paper laminated wood flooring. It is manufactured using medium and high-density man-made wood fiberboard through molding, laminating, trimming, and cutting interfaces. It is generally composed of four layers of materials, from top to bottom are wear-resistant layer, decoration layer, substrate and balance layer.

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Laminate flooring does not need to use natural hardwoods of hardwoods, the base material is economical fast-growing forest, and the requirements for wood grade are low, so the cost is low, the price is affordable, and the mainstream price is about 100 yuan per square meter. Since the wear-resistant layer is made of aluminum oxide polymer material, the wear-resistant performance of the laminated floor is the highest among all floor types.However, because the main raw material man-made fiberboard uses a large amount of formaldehyde-based adhesives, low-quality laminate flooring will have a bad effect on human health. The decorative layer is artificial colored paper, which lacks natural change and easily causes aesthetic fatigue. In use, the texture is hard, the foot feels poor, and it is easy to deform and swell when exposed to water and cannot be repaired.