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The three most misunderstood places of 4.0mm spc tiles
 Aug 31, 2020|View:635|Share to:

1. Small range of use

4.0mm spc tiles is a very good material, with the advantages of wear resistance, durability, and environmental protection. Widely used in various indoor places. Covering medical, sports, school, education, kindergarten, commerce, office, etc, you can see 4.0mm spc tiles.

2. Time of birth

4.0mm spc tiles have been used and promoted in my country for ten years. From the early days, LVT lock floor (the thickness is mainly 3.2mm) and WPC lock floor (commonly used) have been used in schools, hospitals and other enterprises and institutions in my country. Thickness: 5.5mm5.0mm), SPC floor is a new product born in the past five years, most of LVT/WPC are produced by hydraulic pressure, and the custom delivery time is as long as 20 days. But the SPC floor can be formed by an integrated extrusion process, and the delivery time is reduced several times.

3. It is not environmentally friendly to smell the smell with the nose

To be more precise, SPC flooring with a strong pungent smell is not environmentally friendly. The SPC base material itself is formaldehyde-free. A qualified SPC floor should be 100% formaldehyde-free. It may have the smell of fragrances and additives, which will not cause harm to people's bodies or make people feel Uncomfortable.

The three most misunderstood places of 4.0mm spc tiles