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Maintenance of Oak diamond laminate flooring
 Aug 29, 2020|View:686|Share to:

Keep Oak diamond laminate flooring dry, clean and dry. Do not wash with water to avoid partial prolonged soaking of the floor. For oil stains, you need to use a mild and neutral detergent in time, and clean it with warm water to avoid alkaline water, soapy water, etc. from corroding the floor, not to mention gasoline or other high-temperature liquids.

Oak diamond laminate flooring does not require waxing and paint, let alone sanding and polishing. Laminate flooring itself is relatively smooth and bright, there is no need to wax, just normal maintenance.

It is recommended to place a pedal pad at the door to prevent dust particles from damaging the Oak diamond laminate flooring; overweight items should be placed steadily; do not drag when moving furniture, but lift it.

In dry weather, such as the dry season of autumn and winter, you should pay attention to increasing the humidity of the floor. You can use a moist mop to mop the floor to prevent the floor from cracking.

Oak diamond laminate flooring should try to avoid direct sunlight and high-temperature artificial light source for a long time to prevent the floor surface from drying out and aging in advance.

Maintenance of Oak diamond laminate flooring