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Precautions for parquet style laminate
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1. Ground treatment befor parquet style laminate:

First, clean the ground. Make sure the floor is level, dry and clean.

The second is waterproof and moisture-proof treatment. Waterproof paint should be applied evenly, and fill in place with paint or cement brush at the joints, and apply 30 cm high waterproof paint near the water pipe.

Third, if the ground environment is too humid, you should use pearl cotton as a primer and apply a layer of moisture-proof paint on the back of the floor.

parquet style laminate

2. Precautions for parquet style laminate:

First, the moisture content of parquet should be about 11%.

Secondly, after buying the floor and going home, it is best to leave it at a room temperature of 16°C to 18°C for two days.

Third, a floor expansion joint of about 1 cm should be maintained between the floor and the wall of the parquet manufacturer.

In addition, within 48 hours after installing the parquet style laminate, please avoid walking and placing heavy objects to allow enough time to glue the floor. It is best to use a vacuum cleaner or a broom to clean the newly paved floor.