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Is laminate flooring parquet style waterproof
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Good parquet laminate flooring has a long service life, so we are committed to choosing a good floor for paving at the beginning of the decoration. Most people will choose laminate flooring, but it is estimated that many people still don't know much about this kind of flooring. Today, I will tell you the condition of this floor and the waxing method.

laminate flooring parquet style

Is the laminate floor parquet style afraid of water?

In normal use, the surface and bottom layer of the laminate floor are waterproof (not afraid of water). When people use laminate flooring, they do not directly touch the substrate, but only directly touch the surface and seams. Therefore, the key is that the seams are waterproof.

The fundamental reason why the laminate flooring substrate has a water swelling rate is that it is made of log fiber and hydrophilic glue. Log fibers have water swelling properties, and hydrophilic resins can also absorb water. Sometimes you will see some people immerse laminate flooring in water, claiming that it does not absorb water. This is not true. On the cross section of laminate flooring, some hands and feet are waterproof. You can easily distinguish it by simply cutting the floor open, immersing it in water, and observing whether the saw edge warps after a day.