Can Laminate flooring be with underfloor heating?
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1.What kind of flooring is suitable for underfloor heating?

a.With a good thermal conductivity. A good thermal conductivity could make the floor heating up quicker and to be given more heat output. For a wooden floor, the heating speed of it is fast and it’s uniform heated. Although the thermal conductivity of laminate floor is worse than ceramic tile, it is more comfortable.

b.More wear-resistant and less deformation. It is best when you use the laminate flooring which is more dense. The material of laminate is more practical and well-compatible with underfloor heating. The thinner the flooring material and the higher the density is better for it.

c.To be more eco-friendly and with less formaldehyde release. The formaldehyde content in laminate flooring will volatilize with high temperature.

d. choose laminate flooring with underfloor heating, the environmental protection standard should be E1 grade or above. The formaldehyde emission will be reduced to the minimum after indoor heating.

e.The thickness of flooring should be around 10-15mm. Laminate flooring with thickness of 12mm is more suitable. It’s easy to transfer heat from geothermal systems to the surface. At the same time, the production technology of 12mm thickness is more mature from the generation of floor to the present.

Can Laminate flooring be with underfloor heating

2.6 Tips for attention of laminate flooring with underfloor heating

a.The floors should enter the location 1-3 days in advance to adapt to the paving environment especially in winter. Otherwise it is easy to get unnecessary deformation because of the temperature difference. Warming up mineral substrates gradually before installation or it might get crack.b.The leveling layer should be dry before installing the laminate flooring. To prevent moisture trapped inside the floor and not volatilize normally, lay a polyethylene film(around 0.2mm thick) on the laminate flooring to serve as a vapour barrier.c.Make sure that the underfloor heating can be adjust step by step(not simply by on/off). The surface temperature of laminate flooring should not be over 27°C. Getting a heat calculation by using a thermostat so that you can maintain the floor heat to meet our body heat requirement. It will play a protective role of lower temperature operation on the laminate floors.

d.Don’t cover heated areas, otherwise the temperature will rise excessively and there is a risk of trapping heat.

e.It's better to put a humidifier or a basin of water in the house after heating formally. The air indoor will be dry relatively. The floor is not only afraid of moisture, it's also not ok for it if the environment is too dry. In a word, suitable humidity is the best.

f.If you want to have electric underfloor heating, ask the manufacturer to confirm whether it is suitable for laminate.

Can Laminate flooring be with underfloor heating

In conclusion, most of laminate floorings are suitable with underfloor heating. It's better for you to check with the manufacturer before installing the system. Different types of wooden floor have different thermal properties.Choosing the laminate flooring with superior quality is better for underfloor heating. We hope that after reading this article you will know whether laminate flooring suitable for underfloor heating.

If you have further questions or would like additional advice of underfloor heating with wooden flooring, please feel free to contact us.