What's the newest trend of flooring ?
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Human beings had begun to change the environment for ourselves since our mankind got the ability and imagination to make tools to get resource from the nature.

Our human's development of civilization shows that making the house or place we live in more beautiful and comfortable seems an eternal thing that we did over and over again, in which flooring always played a very important role.


Human began to process stone to make marble flooring dated from thousands of years ago. 1400 years ago, we started the history of using wooden flooring as it's easier to get and process than marble flooring.

Marble and wooden flooring are still popular in nowadays through over thousands of years. Why ? Because we live in the nature. No matter what we can change, we can’t live well without the nature. But living in this way people must pay a lot for it and take massive resources from this planet, which have changed the environment and climate silently.

When we found this problem, a question came up: do we have better choices ?

With the fast development of technology in near decades some new products were invented, such as ceramic flooring, engineered flooring, laminate flooring.

Ceramic is cheap and beautiful, seems like a replacement of marble flooring. But it’s fragile and complicated to fit up if not by professional skill, costing much labour, money, time.

Engineered flooring is durable and looks like solid wood at much cheaper prices. But it still consumes much timber resource and makes a lot of industrial pollution. Besides, it contains chemical components that could be harmful to health.

Laminate flooring is cheaper than engineered, easier to install by click system that most people can use. But consuming timber resource and releasing harmful components still exist. Another big disadvantage for all these kinds of wood made flooring is non-waterproof, they must be used in dry circumstance.

spc flooring

Consuming timber resource, harmful, non-waterproof, have been existing along with the history of wooden flooring.

Finally, in recent past years, new technology gave us some new ones called PVC flooring and SPC flooring which are made from plastic instead of timber, 100% waterproof, available for bathroom, kitchen, even in water, NO chemical components contained. Especially SPC flooring which is innovated from PVC, has become more durable, more stable, more economical.

Do these 2 have no problem ? No, they are non-degradable. Although our mankind never stops trying to innovate new better products, we haven’t found a perfect one yet. All of these products we get now have advantages and problems.What’s the newest trend of flooring ?It will be healthy, environmental, reusable, regraded, made from sustainably regenerative materials. We have different cultures, we may like different colors, woods. But there’s one thing never changed. We are human, we live in the nature.