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IXPE & EVA mat ,which one is better?
 Dec 02, 2020|View:3092|Share to:

In order to reduce noice,make more comfortable feeling,we usually lays a layer of mute pad on the bottom surface of SPC floor.

EVA & IXPE back_副本.jpg

As a floor mat,EVA & IXPE has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture resistance,excellent elasticity, cushioning performance, more silent, more comfortable feet.

IXPE pad is made by polyethylene foam material.polyethylene itself is non-toxic and does not contain any toxic auxiliary agent, and uses high-temperature foaming agent. IXPE has a low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation performance. IXPE has high mechanical strength and long-lasting properties. Anti-aging, stable chemical.Touching is soft,looks fine and smooth.

EVA surface finish and flatness of the product are poor. EVA coils are welded to achieve a longer size. Has an unpleasant smell. Surface has spilehole.

Regular EVA density is 110kg/m3, while IXPE is 33kg/m3.

Compare at the same price, EVA has higher density.

Hope this article will let you know the different between IXPE and EVA.