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What are the advantages of eurostyle vinyl flooring
 Dec 02, 2020|View:211|Share to:

Eurostyle vinyl flooring has always been the first choice for popular flooring. When most people talk about European-style vinyl flooring, they usually consider using the floor. However, there are other forms of vinyl flooring, such as tiles and planks. Because they are all made of vinyl, they have some common characteristics.

China Water Proof Antique Euro Style vinyl flooring

1. Bearing capacity: The main advantage of ethylene is its bearing capacity. Although eurostyle vinyl flooring can imitate high-end flooring in appearance, eurostyle vinyl flooring is relatively cheap, with an installation cost of only $5 per square foot.

2. A variety of color options: all eurostyle vinyl flooring has a variety of colors, making it adaptable and easy to adapt to almost any decoration.

3. Quick and easy installation: It can be installed on bricks, boards, plates, and easy to install. Floor tiles are usually 12 inches square, so they are easy to handle.

4. Moisture resistance: eurostyle vinyl flooring is completely waterproof, so it can be used almost anywhere in the home, including the main floor, upper floor and below. It is especially suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, where water often flows to the floor.

5. Easy to clean: Water only needs to be on the surface of the beads, so it is easy to clean. In addition, clean regularly and occasionally use a wet mop to keep the adhesive floor clean and bright.6. Durability: Most eurostyle vinyl flooring has a "wear layer" (sometimes up to three) on the vinyl itself, so it can withstand normal traffic wear.

7. Comfort: Vinyl is a kind of "resilient" floor, which means its soft texture is a bit "giving". When you walk on it, it can stand for several hours, which becomes a good job platform.