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Curing skills of light oak laminate flooring
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Light oak laminate floor is the floor with our relatively common household life, its maintenance method is the problem that a lot of net friends pay attention to. The specification dimension of light oak laminate floor is larger, pattern breed is various, laid goes up to the ground integral effect is very good, color and luster are even, the visual effect is very good also. Light oak laminate floor facilitates cleanness and nursing, need not worry about besmirch to fall into the surface that is in woodiness material clears hard.

1, Maintain good light oak laminate floor is clean, should often maintain the dry and clean floor, do not use water to undertake rinse, avoid wood floor local long-term by water erosion. If there are oil stains and stains on the wood floor, we should pay attention to remove them in time. We can treat them with a soft neutral cleaning agent and warm water at home. It is best to use special floor cleaning protective liquid to clean them with the floor.

2, Dry weather plus moisture, the floor should try to avoid the direct irradiation of strong sunlight and high-temperature artificial light source for a long time baking, so as not to advance the floor surface dry crack and aging. Close the Windows in time during the rainy season to prevent incoming rain from soiling the floor. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the indoor ventilation, emit the humidity in the room, maintain normal indoor temperature is also conducive to the extension of the life of the floor.

Light oak laminate floor

3, Light oak laminate floordoes not need to wax, avoid by all means do not use sandpaper polishing. Because light oak laminate floor differs from real wood floor, its surface is smoother originally, brightness is better also, waxing the contrary can gild a lily, overkill oneself.

4, To prevent damage to the life of the wood floor, can be placed at the door pedal mat, in order to prevent dust particles, damage to the floor, overweight items should be put smoothly, handling furniture do not drag, to lift it is appropriate. Do not throw matches and cigarette butts on the floor. Avoid sharp objects, such as scissors and knives, that cut the floor surface. Here still want to remind everyone, should pay attention to the small knowledge of the maintenance of the laminate wood floor, do not casually for the maintenance of the light oak laminate floor, so as not to unknowingly damage the life of the laminate wood floor.

Light oak laminate floor for bedroom