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Reasons to choose 12mm water-resistant laminate flooring
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Laminate flooring is the order of the day, whether you are looking for flooring material for an office or commercial space. It looks good, lasts long, can be given a wide variety of finishes to make it look luxurious and expensive, and is also safe for people and the environment.

However, not every kind of laminate flooring provides these advantages. You do not want to get bad-quality laminate flooring done and be stuck with year after year of maintenance and damage repair. It is wise to choose the best option of the highest quality the very first time to be free of such hassles.

Mixspace brings you its innovative 12mm water-resistant laminate flooring to help you get the best and most out of laminate floors. It is made out of a thick, dense, fiberboard core that ensures that the floor can handle most small impacts that you can expect in daily life.

Moreover, the high-density core also gives this laminate flooring its water resistance. Coupled with a special sealer all over the flooring surface, this 12mm water-resistant laminate flooring provides the best waterproofing for laminate floors that you will find in the market.

12mm water-resistant laminate flooring

The sealant prevents any moisture or even wet particles from liquids or pet waste from permeating into the inner layers of the floor and causing any water damage like rot or fungi. This means that you can even apply wet mopping or steam mopping to give a deep clean to the floor.

Moreover, the 12mm water-resistant laminate flooring is mostly stain-resistant and damage-resistant too. That means that cigarette stains, wine stains, food stains, or even waste stains will not form on it. Even if you are worried that it might, you can always give a slight wet wipe on the surface and you should be good to go.

Not only that, but the sealing of the flooring also prevents any minor scratches from happening like furniture and appliance drag marks, pet scratches, or accidental dropping of cutlery. You do not have to worry about the look of the flooring being spoiled or the surface being damaged at such small impacts.Mixspace, like all its laminate floors, manufactures the 12mm water-resistant laminate flooring with completely organic materials. You do not have to fear any harmful chemicals or fumes ruining your health or comfort.

Nonetheless, this water-resistant laminate flooring contains no synthetic materials and is 100% biodegradable. This makes it a fully sustainable and recyclable flooring material. Not only is it manufactured with safety but the material is absolutely safe for your own health and the environment too. Additionally, it has all the necessary certifications to ensure that you find it a completely trustworthy product.

12mm water-resistant laminate flooring for living room

Despite all of this, Mixspace ensures that the 12mm water-resistant laminate flooring is affordable and does not burn a hole in your pocket. We believe that everyone deserves good-quality flooring options and we kept that in mind when making this laminate flooring. Thus, you will get water-resistant laminate flooring of the best quality at the best price.