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The method of SPC flooring installation
 Feb 18, 2022|View:473|Share to:
SPC flooring installation

The wear resistance of SPC floor has been talked about for consumers, from the daily careful maintenance, SPC floor let consumers more worry. And, THE SPC floor is not only rich in color, fashion and beautiful, and the SPC flooring installation method is also quite convenient. So how to install SPC floor?

1, before installation, check whether the door can be opened freely. If not, the bottom of the door can be dug to a certain thickness, and then lay a layer of PVC bottom film on the ground to play a better sound insulation and moisture-proof effect. Note that the bedding is laid at right angles to the floor.

2, in the corner of the position of the first board, tenon the wall, with wooden blocks to set aside 10mm expansion joints.

41640337132428.jpg3, SPC flooring installation is installed against the wall of a line to the last board, take a whole board, placed in parallel with the previous piece of tenon, left against the wall after 10mm marking saw, installed to the end of the line, if the remaining sheet length of 40cm, can be used for the first line of the next line.

4, From the second line, the tenon groove should be evenly coated with special glue for the floor (the first line is not coated with glue). After the local board is installed, scrape with wet cloth or plastic and remove the overflow glue.

5, Gently knock the floor with a hammer and a wooden last

6, After installing the first two lines, calibrate them with a rope or ruler in time.

7, SPC flooring installation fashion to the last line, take a whole board, on the installed floor, up and down aligned, then take another floor, on the floor, one end against the wall, and then line, and saw, (note: need to set aside 10mm expansion joint), that is, the required width of the floor.

8, When installing the last line, put the wooden last block first, squeeze the floor into it with special fasteners, finish the installation, and withdraw the wooden last for 12 hours.