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The procedure of SPC flooring installation
 Feb 25, 2022|View:480|Share to:
SPC flooring installation steps

SPC floor is now on the market more popular a new type of floor products, also known as stone plastic floor, because of strong performance, so it is widely used in tooling and home decoration, so what is the SPC flooring installation steps?

First, ground base treatment

Like the paving of wood floor, SPC floor should also do a good job of cement blank ground base treatment before paving, do a good job of cleaning preparation, the requirements of the ground is not sand, not empty drum, not cracking, the ground strength is good, solid, and no paint coating, glue, chemical solution and water.

Two, ground base base

The flatness requirement of SPC flooring installation for ground base is 2mm error within 2 meters. If the flatness of the ground can not meet the requirements, leveling work needs to be done. It is generally recommended to do self-leveling, of course, cement mortar leveling can also be selected, considering the actual situation.

acceptance of the SPC flooring installationThree, ground standard detection

After leveling, the SPC floor can be installed only after the ground humidity is lower than 4.5% and the ambient temperature is above 10-15°C.

Four, SPC flooring installation

In general building space in the upper left corner to start laying the first piece of SPC, floor between metope and floor should be set aside 4 mm expansion joints, other steps and installation of wooden floor, because now most SPC floor on the structure and the wood floor is very similar, alignment slot for Mosaic, shop to see if there are gaps rubber hammer auxiliary shop is available.

Five, Acceptance inspection

And so on after the completion of the inspection and acceptance of the SPC flooring installation, to see where there is no laid in place place good timely processing.