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The design diversity of 6mm Rigid Core Flooring
 Apr 01, 2022|View:567|Share to:

The design of the 6mm Rigid Core Flooring has an infinite number of possibilities. Visually, the 6mm Rigid Core Flooring is similar to solid wood or natural stone and is often mistaken for solid wood or natural stone. Therefore, the visual style of stone-crystal floor SPC and wood-plastic floor WPC often adopts the popular design style of solid wood and natural stone.

6mm Rigid Core FlooringBright up style

While the country still has a place in some areas, designers today prefer a 6mm Rigid Core Flooring in light gold. Simplicity and fresh air are also current trends. A light gold tone can bring a kind of natural breath to the room, making the room becomes bright rise.

6mm Rigid Core Flooring for saleLuxury stretch style

Lengthening and widening 6 mm Rigid Core Flooring is in full swing. Large size with high-definition decoration and overprint embossing process to make the production of wood grain floor look more real. The long floor can also save manpower, looks more imposing, and covers a large area, installation is easier.

6mm Rigid Core Flooring supplierReality style

The original look of imitation wood is a classic, and with the latest and most advanced technology of 6mm Rigid Core Flooring, 6mm Rigid Core Flooring with lifelike appearance and texture is bound to become a popular trend. The more the floor color changes, the richer the layers, the more real it becomes, and the more people want to buy it. There are many types of wood in nature that can provide inspiration for design, and different types of natural wind will continue to be popular in the coming years.

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