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How to choose the thickness of 6mm rigid core flooring?
 Mar 11, 2022|View:565|Share to:
6mm rigid core flooring base materialThe 6mm rigid core flooring is made of polyvinyl chloride (divided into pure new material, mixture, recycled material, the following will be used), calcium powder (classification grade also has stone powder grade) and solvent (the use of chemical grade also has the use of plant solvent food grade) after high temperature extrusion hot coating color film, PVC wear-resistant layer, After cooling treatment, the uv process (decides the floor to fight pollution performance and insolation ultraviolet radiation does not change color performance), the final floor cutting slotting process (decides the floor to lock strength, bearing force), the final packing (whether there is damage in transportation). This part is not for us to decide, we just need to know which aspects of the main performance of the product are determined by these processes.
high-quality 6mm rigid core flooring

Common market specifications 6mm rigid core flooring base material 3.5mm corresponding 0.2mm wear-resistant layer, 4.0 base material corresponding 0.3 wear-resistant layer, 5.0 base material corresponding 0.3 or 0.5 wear-resistant layer, 6.0 base material corresponding 0.5 wear-resistant layer, the above is a common specification, but also a special case less see. The following is the base material thickness. 3.5mm floor is mainly used in places where the frequency of use is not very high. Some tooling or rental houses, stores, gyms and restaurants will be renovated after 3-5 years. 4.0mm floor is mainly used for home decoration, office, tooling, hospital office building and other places that have requirements on the ground environment and appearance, but require a long service life. It is basically no problem for 15-20 years according to different environments. 5.0mm and 6.0mm floors are mainly used in shopping malls, exhibition halls and other places with large flow of people, and require a long service life. Therefore, in general, the conventional thickness of 4.0mm is enough for home decoration and ordinary tooling, and we can choose the appropriate one.

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