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How to lay laminate floors China?
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The installation of laminate floors China is technical work, before paving, the first thing to do is to clean the ground will be the ground of rubbish, especially the corner to pay attention to clean, to no dust and no pollution, in order to ensure that the subsequent work is carried out well.

laminate floors China

1. before laying the floor to do the first thing is to clean up the construction site, the ground will be clean of rubbish, especially the corners pay attention to cleaning, to do without dust and pollution.

2. clean to start after the ground leveling work, the level of its ground is to be maintained within the error of 2mm, more than then you must do leveling, otherwise the floor paved after the feeling of the foot will be bad.

3. after leveling continues to clean the floor, you can put the moisture barrier on, so that you can prevent the floor from using moisture, and the moisture barrier to lie flat, and the joints should be together.

4. before laying laminate floors Chinaalso needs to first pre-paving the floor, mainly because the floor is staggered installation, pre-paving a little, according to the size of the room, there must be part of the floor need to be divided into two, pre-paving according to the size of the saw, you can avoid floor loss.

5. before sawing the floor can be all open package, pick out the floor with problems or defects to saw, so that you can effectively make full use of the floor with local problems, and not produce an excessive loss.

6. It is essential that the location of the sawed floor is chosen in the balcony and other places where there are tiles for good hygiene, otherwise the splattered wood dust will enter any place without pores and is difficult to clean.

7. Now you can start laying the floor, into a short piece next to a long piece of paving so that the cross-paving floor bite is not easy to lose, the floor is put together with tools to knock tight. Then is the articulation, generally with the floor pressure strip cover, but also useful to fill with glass glue. Then you can install the skirting, do the joint tight, flush, and ensure that you can press the floor wall seam.

The last thing is to install the pressure strip, the floor is higher than the floor with high and low-pressure strips, and the floor is as flat as the floor with a flat pressure strips.

The above is the method of laying laminate floors China, hope it can bring you help, if you have other questions about this or demand, you can contact us directly.