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Can waterproof laminate flooring manufacturer's flooring be used in kitchens?
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Can waterproof laminate flooring manufacturer's flooring be used in kitchens? Yes, of course! If you have waterproof laminate flooring in your living room, it is highly recommended to continue the waterproof laminate flooring in the kitchen. Especially in small homes, a laminate floor and a glass door can turn two small dark rooms into one large space and brighten up the whole home. If you have the conditions to do an open kitchen, the effect will be even better.

waterproof laminate flooring manufacturer

Large homes are inherently good, so it's even better to improve the kitchen. The more you use only one or two materials in a large space, the easier it is to achieve a minimalist style with a premium feel. For example, a kitchen with an all-white roof, solid-colored flat doors for the cabinets, the same wooden floor, and sliding glass without any patterns. There are no obvious decorations, but everything inside, you feel, is pricey, and that is the value that the design of the renovation can reflect.

From the point of view of water and moisture resistance, can the kitchen be covered with waterproof laminate flooring?


First of all, the kitchen is not a place that needs to be waterproofed. Waterproofing in this context means protection against open water, against the accumulation of water caused by everyday life (bathing in the bathroom, washing clothes, and mopping on the balcony), not against accidental flooding caused by exploding pipes. Waterproofing is only necessary where there is open water, i.e. where waterproofing materials are painted. Including new residential rough housing, developers must also do waterproofing in the bathroom and balcony; even if the waterproofing paint used is relatively poor (renovation is best to shovel it and redo it again), developers must do it, otherwise, it is the property quality inspection failed.

However, developers do not have to do kitchen waterproofing, their own home renovation also many people do not do kitchen waterproofing. Because there is no open water in the kitchen, even for mopping, nowadays they use a relatively dry mop, not a watery mop. Water pipes bursting, again, is a small chance of an unnatural event. Because of the renovation to do plumbing and electrical renovation, the whole house to do PPR plumbing must be pressure test, is to ensure that the basic plumbing will never leak. On this basis, and then connected to water equipment, faucets, and so on, as long as the correct installation, later is also not leaking.

If the kitchen water line is of very poor quality and the pipes do burst one day, you will be of no use at all, even if the kitchen is waterproofed and tiled. More water will spread out from the kitchen, and the floor next to the living room will still suffer, and the living room is not waterproofed, the water will also penetrate the floor and flow into the neighbors' homes downstairs. After the kitchen has been waterproofed, the only water on the floor is from the sink, which is completely protected by waterproof laminate flooring.

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