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How about SPC flooring from the China flooring manufacturer?
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When it comes to flooring, there are actually many options on the market now, and more and more people are choosing flooring produced by China flooring manufacturers, such as solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, waterproof flooring, and SPC flooring, so how about SPC flooring produced by China flooring manufacturer? Is it worth buying in partnership?

China flooring manufacturer

While material, color, and installation are important factors to consider, the manufacturer of the product is certainly worth considering. For those who want a floor that will last, this is very important. This is because, in addition to longevity, the health of your family and the environment is also important.

SPC flooring is short for Stone Plastic Composites, a composite artificial flooring of stone + plastic. SPC flooring is made of calcium powder as the main raw material, plasticized extruded sheet material, four-roller calendering hot-paving colored film decorative layer and wear-resistant layer, free of heavy metal formaldehyde and harmful substances, 100% formaldehyde-free and environmentally friendly flooring, a real zero-formaldehyde floor.

China flooring manufacturers started SPC research and development around 2013, and within a short time, more than half of the SPC flooring sold in Europe, North America, Japan, and Korea came from China flooring manufacturers.

If you want to buy SPC flooring, you must choose virgin material. MIXSPACE, as a China flooring manufacturer, also has a wide range of flooring materials, each with relevant test reports. Furthermore, our technology for producing SPC flooring is very mature.

To sum up, the SPC flooring from China flooring manufacturers is backed by mature technology. And as long as it is virgin material, it can achieve 100% health, environmental protection, and safety, it is worth cooperating to buy, if you are interested in this, welcome to contact us directly.