What is the method of laying laminate parquet floor tiles?
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The reinforced composite parquet floor tiles are mainly composed of reinforced composite flooring and solid wood composite flooring, but in both cases, the paving method is basically the same. Unlike solid wood floors, keels need to be laid. Laminate flooring can be laid directly on the moisture-proof film or spliced with glue. Although the laying method of laminate flooring is relatively simple, many people are still not familiar with the specific construction steps.

Step 1: Clean laminate parquet floor tiles

Clean all sand and dust on the concrete floor, especially sand. If it is not cleaned, it will directly affect the laying effect of the laminate floor. After cleaning the ground, it is necessary to perform levelling work. After leveling the ground, make sure to clean it again to avoid leaving a lot of dust and particles on the surface.

Step 2: Laying moisture-proof film

After finishing the leveling work and cleaning the floor, a moisture-proof film can be laid. The moisture-proof film of the floor is actually a PE film. It is a plastic film made from polypropylene. It has excellent water resistance and heat sealability.

laminate parquet floor tiles

Step 3: Determine the laying method and cut

After laying the moisture-proof film, it is best to lay laminate parquet floor tiles in advance to determine the best paving method and laying direction. Normally, laminate flooring is laid inward along the entry point. There are many ways to pave the way, such as the "work" type and the "person" type. The most common is "work" paving, which can be used to splice floors of different lengths.

laminate parquet floor tiles

Of course, different paving methods have different requirements for the size of the floor. Generally, the composite floor of the "human" type road has a small width and a long and narrow shape, while the composite floor of the "work" type road has a length. the difference. However, the size of the laminate floor purchased is uniform, and it needs to be cut at this time. Determine the required size before cutting, then place a piece of wood under the floor and cut with a special tool.