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Steps on how to clean waterproof laminate flooring
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After installing the floor, use a vacuum cleaner or dust mop to remove loose dirt on the floor, or wipe it with water or a neutral PH cleaner.

1. sweep the floor

To achieve the best results when cleaning, use a soft-bristled broom to remove all dust, dust and pet hair that has accumulated on the floor. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove tumbleweed and big dust rabbits. Sweep in the direction where the tiles are placed.

2. Wipe the floor

Use a microfiber mop sponge or a soft cloth to remove spills from the floor. Make sure to moisten the cloth before wiping the floor for better results. It is recommended to use a soft cloth because it is safe for the floor. It will not easily damage it.

3. Use less water

Even if the laminate flooring is waterproof, it is recommended to use less water to avoid damaging the floor. Just gently dip the mop in the water and clean the floor. This water should be warm water, not just cold water, so that all dirt can be discharged effectively.

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4. Use cleaning products

They should not be too strong or they will damage the floor. In addition, do not put it directly on the floor, but add a little on the damp mop. Then you can clean the floor.

5. Use vinegar or mild detergent

Don't just use any cleaning agents, please make sure you read the label to know if they can be used safely on laminate flooring. You can also mix vinegar with cleaning water to clean the floor. This will result in a bright, spotless floor.

6. Deep cleaning

Clean the floor with a microfiber mop. It will not scratch or peruse the floor. Steam mop for deep cleaning. Do not do this often because the laminate will bend.

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