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Advantages of laminate flooring in floor heating
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In recent years, floor heating has been favored, and many flooring brands have put forward a new concept of "floor heating", hoping to attract more attention. In the floor area of a building materials market, I consulted the sales staff of nearly ten flooring brands, and almost all the sales staff are advocating that their products are underfloor heating as to what kind of floor can be used for underfloor heating. However, according to the survey, in fact, only 20% of the floor market is qualified underfloor heating, and 55% of the floor cannot be used for underfloor heating at all.

Industry experts believe that laminate flooring has advantages in floor heating:

The base material layer is the main part of the laminate floor. Most laminate flooring is based on MDF, because MDF has many advantages that raw wood does not have, such as the fine and uniform structure of MDF and even particle distribution. The weight of medium density fiberboard is mainly distinguished by its density value.

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The decoration layer, that is, the pattern layer, is located on the base layer. This layer is made of specially treated paper. Due to the heating reaction of the ammonia solution, the chemical properties are stable, making it a beautiful and durable surface paper.

The wear-resistant layer is a layer of wear-resistant agent that is evenly pressed on the surface of the laminate floor, with amazing wear resistance. The wear resistance coefficient is not exactly proportional to the wear resistance. The wear resistance coefficient is mainly determined by the density of Al2O3. The distribution of Al2O3 on the floor surface is too dense, which makes the floor brittle and weakens its flexibility, which not only affects the service life of the floor, but also affects the transparency and gloss of the floor surface. Generally, the wear resistance coefficient of household reinforced composite wood flooring above 6000 rpm is sufficient.

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Since floor heating is a low-temperature radiant heating method, the temperature of the water supply should not exceed 60, and the working pressure of the heating system should not be too high. Otherwise, it will not only cause uncomfortable heating, but also seriously reduce the service life of the entire heating system.