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Precautions before choosing laminate flooring
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Laminate flooring was first introduced in the 1970s and is made of synthetic materials that look like wood or stone. Because of its durability and low price, it quickly became a popular choice and earned a reputation as an affordable alternative. Since it was first put on the market, today's laminates have come a long way, and their quality and appearance are constantly improving, providing more choices than they are now. To understand whether this material fits your budget, lifestyle and aesthetic preferences, first consider the pros and cons of these laminate flooring.

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The core layer of all laminate flooring is covered with an image layer, which is embedded with digitally processed natural material photos to imitate everything from exotic hardwoods to concrete to natural stone, which is a major advantage. It comes in a variety of colors, lengths and widths, and nowadays, even textures can be embossed to make the floor feel more realistic. However, some critics insist that no matter how high-end the product is, laminate cannot be compared with the natural beauty of natural wood or stone.

The price of laminate flooring is about half that of wood flooring, but like wood flooring, you will find that the quality range is different. Some look more realistic than others, and some are less important in the thickness of different layers, which makes them more prone to wear than high-quality products. Typically, you will find laminate prices ranging from less than US$1 per square foot to around US$5 per square foot.

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Although laminate flooring has advanced in technology, the appearance is still only from the image layer, which cannot be frosted and repaired when it starts to wear. Of course, wood can be recovered many times during its life cycle and has the potential to last for decades. Therefore, although the upfront price of laminate may be correct, it is important to know that wood may be a better choice in the long run. In addition, in terms of the resale value of the house, wood can provide a higher return on investment.