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How to maintain aggrandizement compound wood floor?
 May 13, 2021|View:179|Share to:

After we install aggrandizement compound wood floor is it not to ignore again? No, the upkeep after installation is very important. That since is very important, in a different case, how does aggrandizement compound wood floor maintain more effective? After the floor of aggrandizement compound wood is laid, want to maintain at least 24 hours hind can use, will affect aggrandizement compound wood floor to use effect otherwise. There are a few other maintenance-intensive composite wood floors that I will share with you.

aggrandizement compound wood floor

1. Avoid sharp objects scratching the floor surface; do not drag furniture such as chairs and tables; place a mat at the door to avoid gravel or other small stones on the reinforced wood floor.

2. Pay attention to some small details in daily life, do not throw matches and cigarette butts on the laminate flooring, once the laminate flooring was scorched will seriously affect the beauty and repair is very troublesome.

3. Some special dirty marks can use downy cleaner or lukewarm water to undertake cleaning instantly, must not use a lot of water to clean aggrandizement compound wood floor. Do not need to wax and paint, do not Polish with sandpaper.

4. Usually only need to use a semi-dry mop can be wiped. But want to pay attention to avoid damp and too sharp, too hot goods to aggrandizement compound wood floor damage.

5. Avoid objects containing glue falling on the laminate flooring, such as chewing gum, otherwise, it is difficult to clean; in the bathroom and kitchen door to pay attention to cleaning up the seeping water.

I hope the above sharing can help you to maintain the laminate flooring, I will feel very happy!