8 tips for install SPC flooring
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Before install SPC flooring,we need some preparations below:

1.The surface of the floor must be dry,clean and stable.

2.Any polish, dirt, paint, etc must be removed from the surface.

3.The floor surface must be flat and leveled with a scraper and putty knife.

4.Maintain the room temperature above 15before installation.

5.Check that the doors can still open and close after the SPC floor has been installed(minimum+1cm(3/8’’))

SPC Flooring Installation

Ensure that all installing floorings must be the same batch numbers.

Move the plank up and down and at the same time exert forward pressure.

The planks will automatically click into place.

You can insert the tongue into the groove.

The tongue in groove method is the easiest way. Please refer to the installation instruction for more details.


a. Existing floor surface level must be within acceptable level with a tolerance level of 1mm only

Otherwise, this will cause high low between vinyl planks and waviness effect after completion

b. It is advisable to do self-leveling cement before lay vinyl plank for uneven floor.

c. For vinyl glue-on, floor and wall (if any) moisture must be within acceptable range. Otherwise, it is advisable to apply water proof liquid before self-leveling cement for floor and primer for wall.

d. Uneven wall surface will cause a gap between vinyl and wall, it is advisable to skim coat the gap when floor completed. This can be substituted with wall skirting.

e. If floor skirting is excluded, it is advisable for SPC floor to be installed first before any wall

panel/partition/furniture lay to avoid visible gap between wall and vinyl plank. In this process, floor cover is compulsory to protect the completed SPC flooring

f. If has the floor skirting, it is advisable for vinyl plank to be installed last to avoid broken to the SPC flooring.

install SPC flooring 8 tips

Start at a corner.Place first plank with tongue,side facing wall.Use spacers to maintain an expansion space of 2-3 mm between wall and flooring.

Insert 2nd plank's end tongue to 1st plank's end groove at an angle of 15°to 20°.The plank will click into place When lowered.Line up edges carefully.Planks should be flat to the floor.

For the last plank of a row, flip a full plank to its under side and place beside the row.Measure and mark the required length.Use a ruler and utility knife to score the plank and snap off.Insert as previous diagram.

Begin next row with the last cut off piece from the previous row to stagger the pattern.

To start second row, assemble your entire row on the subfloor before attaching it to the first row, To attach, tilt and push the side tongue into the side groove of the first row at an angle of15°to20°.Lower and click into place lining the edges up carefully.Continue laying remaining planks in this matter.

To fit the final row, lay a plank upside down on the flooring as per diagram with the tongue side close to the wall Take another plank and place it right on top of the previous row and use it as a ruler.

Don't forget to allow room for spacers.Cut the plank and attach into position.

Heating vents require expansion room.First, cut plank to the correct length.Place the cut plank at its actual position and use a ruler to measure the areas to be cut out and mark them.Cut out the marked points allowing the neccessary expansion distance.

The gap between the bottom of a door and the SPC flooring should be 1 cm height.

To trim door frames, turn a plank upside down.Place it next to the door frame as per diagram.

Use a handsaw and cut away the neccessary height so that the planks can slide easily underneath the frame.