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Mixspace Floor: The Reliable Flooring Manufacturer
 Sep 18, 2021|View:378|Share to:

Changzhou Zhengfeng New Material Technology CO., LTD.

is a professional flooring manufacturer of Laminate, SPC flooring. With 20 years of manufacturing and sourcing expertise in the flooring industry, the company operates numerous German-made laminate, SPC flooring production lines.

We are a leading company in this field with an annual production capacity of 9,000,000 square meters of laminate flooring and 6,000,000 square meters of SPC flooring We pay special attention to our product line, quality control, and inspection procedures at every stage of the manufacturing process. It makes our finished products comply with the European Standard EN13329. We also have a complete set of lab test equipment and comply with ISO9001 quality control and ISO 14001 environmental standards.

We prioritise the excellence and innovation of flooring products. Along with providing OEM service, we also have our brand based on stable production and research capacity. We offer high-quality flooring options at a competitive price.

The 20 years of professional manufacturing flooring experience, 498 distributors and wholesalers worldwide, customised designs, prompt and efficient delivery, and continuous product innovation with an expert R&D team keeps us ahead and makes us a trustworthy first choice of the consumers.

Our mission is to manufacture flooring products that align with human health and environmental protection. One of the biggest reasons to choose us is, we are global. You can be our partner and get the best service regardless of which country you are from. Our two decades of experience and the challenges we face in different world regions have allowed us to become a reliable flooring partner and achieve better results globally. We believe in a win-win alliance.


Why choose Mixspace Floor?

Quality First

Our multi-level strict inspection regulation from raw material to pre-production inspection and final inspection make every plank high-quality. In case of any quality problem, we will take complete responsibility.

Prompt & Efficient Delivery

We have managed to create a fast production and short delivery lead time that ensures higher efficiency, helps you gain opportunities for a higher price, and lets you control an extensive market share. From placing an order to delivering your products, the production cycle is usually 25 working days.

Product innovation

We have a dedicated team for research and development (R&D) of laminate flooring, SPC, and vinyl flooring. They actively work to study the market and trends and innovate as per the need.


We don't hesitate in saying we are the best laminate flooring manufacturers because of our quality assurance, strict inspection, and reliability. No matter what type of flooring you buy from us, we guarantee its quality and standard.

We also sell laminate flooring wholesale to interested buyers, or you can also become our flooring supplier in your region. Contact us for your home and offices flooring needs.