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5mm spc flooring installation precautions
 Aug 25, 2020|View:161|Share to:

5mm spc flooringinstallation precautions:

1. Before installation, the floor needs to be placed at the site constant temperature for 24 hours, and then 5mm spc flooring paving.

2. The ground must be kept flat, clean, free of sand, hollow, or cracked.

3. When installing 5mm spc flooring, there must be no water on the ground.

4. Floor cleaning and maintenance: It can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, or wiped with a mop or rag.

5. It can be waxed on the floor surface for maintenance.

6. Try to avoid sun exposure to the floor to prevent the floor from discoloring and fading.

5mm spc flooring installation precautions