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The differences and characteristics between stone plastic floor and other types of floor
 Aug 10, 2020|View:497|Share to:

Nowadays, the stone plastic floor on the market is mostly made of natural marble powder, so it has a high density fiber network structure base. The surface of the floor is covered with PVC wear-resistant layer with high hardness, which is processed by many processes. The raw material is natural stone powder, which has passed the national department's test and proved to be green and environmental protection material, and does not contain radioactive elements.

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But the common composite floor mostly uses the wood to press, the glue adds which makes, the glue contains a lot of formaldehyde element, belongs to the harmful ingredient<strong Stone plastic floor because the raw material is marble, so the appearance and stone are similarAlthough the stone plastic floor is made of high-tech processing, the cost is not high, and the price of raw materials is relatively low. Therefore, the price of stone plastic floor is superior to that of other materials in terms of cost performance.

Because the raw material of stone plastic floor is more natural, it will not cause harm to human body, but also can be recycled, which is beneficial to environmental protection. Most of the stone plastic floor thickness is 2-3mm, so it is very suitable for the reconstruction of some old floors and the construction of high-rise buildings.