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Faced with the COVID-19, we are still working uncompromisingly
 Dec 03, 2020|View:205|Share to:

Mixspacefloor has established the company's epidemic prevention team to carry out personnel control, environmental disinfection, epidemic prevention publicity and material preparation to ensure that all the company's epidemic prevention measures are in place.

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Meetings are held in the production workshop every morning to remind every employee to protect and disinfect themselves during epidemic prevention work. Every area of the factory must be disinfected every day to ensure the safety of personnel inside the factory, and special attention should be paid to personnel in restaurants, morning meetings, regular meetings and other gatherings.



In addition, we must check everyone's temperature every morning, noon and before finishing work. Before entering the factory, all employees, outsiders and visitors must obtain the infrared temperature measurement of the doorman. The protection device is responsible for recording the body temperature. If the temperature exceeds 37.3 centigrade, it is forbidden to enter the site and report to the factory and docking personnel. This is our daily operation. This is not only an employee responsible for the entire society, but also responsible for the entire society to ensure that our SPC floors can be produced safely.

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Thanks to all employees for their cooperation and hard work, We will surely overcome this epidemic as soon as possible!