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How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of waterproof SPC flooring?
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Water proof SPC flooring is composed of PVC (divided into pure new material, mixture and recycled material, which will be used later), calcium powder (different grades also have stone powder grade) and solvent (some use chemical grade and some plant solvent food grade). After high temperature hot pressing and hot pressing color film, PVC wear-resistant layer, after cooling treatment, UV process (to determine the floor anti pollution performance and sun exposure) Finally, the floor cutting and slotting process (part of which determines the floor lock strength and bearing tension), and finally packing (whether there is any damage during transportation Seven steps to identify the advantages and disadvantages of waterproof SPC flooding.

1) Color: it mainly depends on the color of "SPC base material". The color of pure material is beige, the color of mixture is gray, cyan and white, and the recycled material is gray black and black. The cost can be divided into many levels.

2) Feel: SPC substrate feel delicate, moist feeling. Recycled materials and mixture feel dry and waterless. Whether the flatness and fit of the two pieces are good after splicing.

3) Smell: there are some very bad ones that have a little smell. Most of them contain recycled materials and mixtures, and they can still have no odor.

4) Light (light transmittance): the flashlight of mobile phone sticks to the floor, which has good transmittance, and the mixture and recycled material are not transparent. Or poor light transmission.

5) Thickness measurement: if conditions permit, it is better to measure the floor thickness with caliper or micrometer. If the actual thickness is about 0.2mm more than the marked thickness, it is normal range. For example, if the regular manufacturer marks the thickness of 4.0 according to the production standard, it should be about 4.2 with caliper or micrometer, because with the thickness of wear-resistant layer and UV layer, if the measured value is 4.0, what you actually buy is 3.7-3.8 thickness It's commonly known as cutting corners. We can't imagine the extent to which other manufacturers can achieve this.

How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of waterproof SPC flooring

6) Break the lock lock: the part of the floor edge female buckle (that is, the part with more leakage of the lock lock lock). If you break the lock lock with force, the force of poor quality will not be broken, and the strength of pure new material will be much greater, which is not easy to break.

7) Tear: This is not easy to operate. It is necessary to collect several samples from several merchants and comb the corner parts, and tear the part of the color film layer and SPC substrate to see the bonding strength between the color film layer and the substrate, which determines whether it is easy to peel in the use in the next few years. The bond strength of pure new material is the largest, followed by others. It doesn't matter if it can't be operated. It's not bad to judge the quality of commercial products through the appeal procedure.