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eirspc vinyl flooring installation method
 Aug 11, 2020|View:481|Share to:

eir spc vinyl flooring installation method:

1. First check the eirspc vinyl floor, put one side of the tenon against the wall, and leave an expansion joint of 8-12mm between the floor and the wall.

2. The first layer of the second row is installed on the long side as follows

Insert the floor tenon to be laid into the groove of the first row of floor

Lift the floor slightly upwards at an angle of 15 to 25 degrees to align it with the joint position

Press down the floor to make it tightly connected

3. Like other floors, the floor to be laid should be wedged in the correct position in the longitudinal direction as described above.

4. When wedging in the longitudinal direction, the distance between the front of the board and the front board should be as small as possible, then use a hammer to strike the short sides horizontally to connect them, and the specially designed lock will automatically buckle.

eirspc vinyl flooring installation method