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waterproof laminate wood flooring 10mm
waterproof laminate wood flooring 10mm

waterproof laminate wood flooring 10mm

Laminated flooring, also known as floating wood plank, is a lamination process of a multi-layer synthetic flooring product. Laminated flooring has hundreds of color options. The characteristics of relatively affordable prices , easy-clean and so on make the laminated be an ideal choice for office, kitchens, living room, etc.
Product Detail

The wood-like appearance has made laminate flooring a prominent choice for homeowners who do not want to spend a large sum of money on flooring materials. The thick composition of Laminate flooring makes it very comfortable to walk on. Hence, waterproof laminate wood flooring 10mm for the living room has become a superior choice for homeowners. 

waterproof laminate wood flooring 10mm

o 100% wood fiber

o 100% environmentally friendly

o More than 72 hours water protection

o 100% Organic core board

o Fully environmentally friendly with zero plasticizers and PVC

o Degradation and recycling of the floor possible

o Thickness-8mm,12mm

o CARB2 certificated

o Resistant to household chemicals

o Anti-Bacterial,Anti-Fungal




Edge type



one piece


Brown HDF


synchronous finishing

Lock system

Double, Single, Uniclic etc.



Formaldehyde Emission






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1.Who are you cooperating with ?

Zhengfeng company is providing products to the wholesalers, importers, distributors,Contractor,Designer.we provide OEM service wholesalers with their own barnd and customized the packing.

2.Is water reisistant flooring ECO-friendly?

water-resistant laminate flooring with completely organic materials. You do not have to fear any harmful chemicals or fumes ruining your health or comfort.

19.What raw materials is waterproof laminate wood flooring made of?

thiswater-resistant laminate flooring contains no synthetic materials and is 100% biodegradable. This makes it a fully sustainable and recyclable flooring material. Not only is it manufactured with safety but the material is absolutely safe for your own health and the environment too.



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