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After installing dark parquet laminate flooring, how soon can I move in
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The possibility of new house decoration homeowners choosing laminate flooring is still high. However, whenever the owner buys dlaminate flooring, if they can't restrain their love, they will immediately move in.

As long as laminate flooring is installed, you can use environmentally friendly laminate flooring at any time. However, half an hour of ventilation per day is sufficient at the beginning. Usually you can move in after half a month of renovation, but you should pay attention to asking if there is a pungent smell in your home when you move in.

Precautions after installing dark parquet laminate flooring:

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1.After 24 hours of installation, you should minimize walking, and after at least 48 hours, please move in heavy objects.

2. In the area where the floor is laid, please do not place large and heavy furniture symmetrically, so as not to affect the free expansion of the floor.

3. It is not recommended to place the furniture when moving the furniture, nor to use iron furniture feet to directly touch the surface of the wooden floor. Cushion pads can be added where tables, chairs, stools, etc. are in contact with the floor to reduce friction on the floor.

4. The indoor humidity is maintained at 40-70%. When the indoor humidity is less than 40%, appropriate humidification measures should be taken; when the indoor humidity is greater than 70%, appropriate ventilation and dehumidification measures should be taken.

5. Please close the doors and windows when you go out to prevent rainwater from soaking the floor and avoid direct sunlight. If you accidentally pour water on the floor, please wipe it off in time.

dark parquet laminate flooring

6. It is recommended to put a mat on the door to reduce the abrasion of sand and soil on the floor.

7. Do not use sandpaper to sand or paint on the floor surface.

8. When cleaning the laminate flooring, please use a vacuum cleaner or wrung out a slightly damp cloth to wipe the floor along the laying direction.

9. The method of removing floor stains should be correct, and hard objects (such as iron utensils) should not be used to scratch the surface. For special pollution, please use a neutral neutral detergent and wet water to clean the floor. Do not use steel wool or chemical solvents (such as acids or strong alkalis) to clean the floor.