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Note for light oak laminate flooring
 Jun 22, 2021|View:164|Share to:

Compare to real wood floor, light oak laminate flooring wants to save worry on maintenance a lot of, should do proper protection only, the service life that can ensure light oak laminate floor.


Although light oak laminate flooring has certain waterproof, but it still needs to avoid to use a lot of water to wash in the process that clean, water should be twisted when using a mop or wet towel to do not drop water, undertake wipe again.

If there are water drops on the floor, clean it up in time. Rainy days to close the doors and windows to prevent rain along with the window into the floor.

light oak laminate flooring for living room

Dust prevention:

Although the surface of the light oak laminate flooring has a wear-resisting layer, surface dust can infiltrate the floor joint too much. So floor cleaning must be done, the clean floor can build a fresh indoor woodiness environment.

Friction prevention:

Although the floor surface has a wear-resisting layer to do prop up, but the friction with acerbity article still can produce rub mark, affect floor whole is beautiful. The door can lay a mat, reduce the floor wear-resistant layer wear.

Plastic cushions should be installed on the feet of furniture and placed on the floor to prevent scratches. The furniture such as desk and chair should avoid dragging, the mobile position needs to carry high, prevent dragging to cause floor damage.

light oak laminate flooring for living room

Although the light oak laminate flooring is more wear-resisting, it may be a good idea to fight compression, but still need to be maintained carefully in daily life, such ability can extend the service life of the light oak laminate floor.