Why does the flooring creak?
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Sometimes after the flooring installation is finished, there will be a squeaking noise when you step on it. In fact, it is not caused by quality of flooring, but is caused by several aspects:

01. Uneven ground surface

When laying the floor, there are many decorators in order to meet the deadline, or appeared negligence in the early process of decoration, did not level the cement floor, or did not clean up the ash layer and local silt in time, eventually lead to uneven ground.

Of course, the unevenness of the floor will affect the wooden flooring. It will makes the wooden floor becomes rough, and at this point when people walk across the floor, there may be abnormal sound.

Strictly speaking, the difference between the height of the whole ground in a room should be less than 3mm. So, the ground leveling must be carried out before laying wood floors.

02. Improper handling of moisture-proof measures

The working procedure that needs one step moistureproof before wooden floor shop is installed commonly. It needs to install moistureproof isolation layer between wood floor and keel, or segregate layer to undertake sealing.

If moisture-proof treatment is not in place, the moisture on the ground will make the wood keel moist and affect the shape of the wood keel. This will affect the overall shape of the wood floor, it may cause abnormal sound.

03. The reservation of the expansion joint is unreasonable

Hygroexpansion and thermal Expansion are the natural attributes that wooden floor all exist. When laying laminate wood floor, if the gap is not reasonable, whether too wide or too narrow, will lead to wood floor in the late vacancy, arch and other problems. If you walk on such wooden floor, abnormal sound is not surprising.

Therefore, in the pavement of wooden floor must take into account the natural attributes of wood, and combined with the local climate (the north is more dry, the south is more humid), as well as indoor functional area division (the humidity near the kitchen and toilet is heavier) to reasonably reserved expansion gap.

04. Furniture placement problem

Large pieces of furniture can sometimes be misplaced. For instance, put overweight large furniture at two ends of wooden floor can make the wooden floor that is pressed for long cannot be free telescopic, squeeze each other even. This will lead to localized drumming of the floor, which causes the sound.

05. Pavement technology is not standard

In the process of laying wooden floor, the degree of specialization of the paving staff is also important. If the professional level of the decorators is low, the pavement technology will not reach the standard. If the operation is not carried out in accordance with the relevant standards, it may lead to some places of the wooden floor after pavement are loose, some places are more compact. In this way, in the later use process, the floor will be repeatedly extruded to form abnormal sound.

So, when the wooden floor in your home appears different sound, do not identified as a quality problem arbitrarily. This needs to be combined with the actual situation to find out the root cause, in order to truly solve the problem of abnormal sound.