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SPC flooring manufacturer decrypts SPC flooring recipe essentials
 Jul 11, 2022|View:469|Share to:
SPC flooring is a new environment-friendly flooring based on high-tech development. It is formaldehyde-free, mildew-proof, moisture-proof, fire-proof, insect-proof and easy to install, one-time heating fit, embossed products, simple process, fit by heat, do not need glue. As a professional SPC flooring manufacturer, today we will talk about the points to note for the SPC flooring recipe.

SPC flooring

1. PVC resin: five-type resin with ethylene method, good strength, toughness, environmental protection.

2. The fineness of calcium powder: because of the large proportion, directly affects the formula cost, processing performance, and screw cylinder wear and product performance, so can not choose too coarse calcium powder, calcium powder fineness to 400 -800 mesh is appropriate.

3. Internal and external lubrication: the SPC flooring manufacturer recommends the use of high-performance wax to control low ge, taking into account the high-temperature residence time of the material in the extruder, as well as the performance of the material and the peeling force, and the use of different wax to meet the initial and long-term lubrication requirements.

4. ACR: due to the high calcium content and plasticizing requirements of the SPC floor, in addition to screw type and process control, it is necessary to add additives to help plasticize, and ensure that the melt has a certain strength and certain ductility in the calendering process.

5. Toughening agent: the floor not only needs a low shrinkage rate, the good rigidity but also needs a certain tenacity, needs the rigidity and the tenacity to balance mutually, guarantees the lock buckle the firmness, it does not soften at high temperature and maintains a certain toughness at low temperature. The toughness of CPE is good, but the rigidity of PVC is decreased, the Vicat softening temperature is decreased, and the shrinkage ratio is increased.

6. Dispersant: because the composition is more, and the proportion of calcium carbonate is larger, the calcium carbonate of the infiltration and dispersion treatment of the components is very important. Dispersing can not only improve the machining performance but also improve the product performance, improve the mold removal cycle, and reduce and delay the wear of the screw barrel.

SPC floor is now widely used as a decorative material, and more and more families are choosing to use it. As a professional SPC flooring manufacturer, we have a high-quality product line and a wide variety of styles to choose from to provide you with more services.