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Eight important steps for laying China laminate floor
 Oct 28, 2022|View:33|Share to:

China laminate floor, usually refers to solid wood laminate flooring and laminate flooring, is for the use of demand is artificially changed the natural structure of the flooring material to achieve certain physical properties of the requirements, is currently on the market is more common and more popular a flooring material. With the development of society, more and more families are using China laminate floor as their choice of flooring for their homes.

So, how do you want to install the laminate flooring you bought back? Or ask the construction personnel to install what they need to pay attention to? Today a detailed understanding of the laminate flooring laying method.

china laminate floor

1. laying China laminate floor preparation.

(1) clean up the construction site. Laminate flooring installation needs to be in full and seamless contact with the ground, so we need to clean up the site before construction. If the ground is not cleaned up, such as fine sand, it affects the effect of the later laying and user experience;

(2) Check the quality of materials. Determine whether the production date of the composite, specifications, colour number, flatness, intactness, etc., meet the standards, whether there is a factory certificate of conformity, and whether the surface of the floor has cracks, scratches and other problems. If there is a problem, contact the manufacturer in time to deal with it;

(3) Ground levelling. If the floor is not level and the floor is not level is the same, after installation, one will step on it because of the bump producing the feeling of clucking feet and poor footing, so find a way to level. The horizontal error can not be greater than 0.2 cm.

2. China laminate floor laying process.

(1) before laying, all the laminate flooring can be opened to pick out some defective flooring, according to the size of the saw in two staggered pre-paving. This can be a reasonable layout of the floor laying, and the second can effectively use part of the problematic floor tiles, reducing the loss;

(2) pre-set expansion joints. Considering the floor has a certain expansion rate after laying, such as not in the floor and wall contact parts reserved expansion joints, it will appear hollow drum phenomenon. The size of the reserved expansion joints can refer to the parameters of the purchase of flooring (expansion coefficient);

(3 because the floor is to stagger laying, pay attention to the length of laying with a short piece of laying next to a long piece of laying, the cross-laying method can make the installation of the floor more solid, laying finished with tools to knock tight;

(4) installation of skirting. Skirting installation requires a tight joint and can be well-pressed floor wall seam;

(5) articulation. Can choose, according to personal preference, a buckle cover or glass glue filling. It should be noted that when articulating, the floor should also maintain a gap of 8-10mm from the wall. It can be installed with a small wooden block pad around the floor to ensure the floor and the wall between the adequate retention gap. After installing the upper and lower buckle, the buckle seam will be tight, but this step on it to see if there is a sound.

The above is a detailed description of the method of laying a China laminate floor. After completing these tasks, check that the floor is clean and flat. Hope it can help you.