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China flooring manufacturer teaches you the difference between laminate flooring V-groove and U-groove
 Nov 11, 2022|View:35|Share to:

With the development of the times, in the field of home decoration, laminate flooring is a very important ground decorative material, and its advantages to many owners of the favour. Laminate flooring has the material distinction and is divided into U-groove and V-groove. As a professional China flooring manufacturer, the following will explain to you in detail the difference between laminate flooring U-groove and V-groove.

Laminate flooringBefore explaining the difference, first of all, you need to understand that these two kinds of laminate flooring belong to the locking wood flooring, so there is a common advantage, laminate flooring the reliance on the locking between the bite jaw connection is relatively tight and solid, so that laminate flooring even if the impact of the external environment led to the expansion and extrusion between the floor, will not affect the aesthetics.

1. The process is different. U groove is moulded process moulding laminate wood flooring, using a moulding, so the surface of the floor and the edge of the groove become one; and V groove is laminate wood flooring substrate made after cutting, the use of the second chamfering process, the edge of the use of waterproof paint sealing;

2. V-groove wood laminate flooring can avoid the visual effect of expansion and projection at the spelling seam, height difference, etc., so there is no need to worry about the white edge and warping phenomenon. U-slot and V-slot splicing gaps are small, although there is a visual edge. Because it is the flat and slotted edge of the integration, dust will not form a dead corner for future maintenance and cleaning to bring convenience.

3. The wear strength of the V-groove edge is lower than that of the U-groove. Because the traditional V-groove does not have a protective layer of aluminium trioxide, it is much lower than the laminate flooring of the U-groove in wear resistance strength. And general laminate wood flooring edge wear degree is much higher than the floor's surface. U-groove laminate flooring edge and surface have a protective layer of aluminium trioxide, thus making it more solid and wear-resistant.

In summary, whether it is V-groove or U-groove, both laminate floorings have advantages and disadvantages. The specific choice has to be determined according to the actual situation of their own homes.