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SPC flooring

SPC flooring combines the performance of the rigid core technology to combine the appearance of natural wood with extreme stability. The rigid core composite of SPC flooring has incredible durability and impact resistance and is able to withstand large volumes of human traffic. Its perfect waterproofing makes it a perfect choice for home kitchens, living areas, and high-traffic business areas.

Changzhou Zhengfeng New Material Technology CO., LTD as a professional SPC flooring supplier, we have established SPC as the overall supplier of SPC floor covering products. Twenty years of experience in flooring manufacturing has enabled us to be technologically ahead of the curve, and we work with 498 dealers and wholesalers worldwide to sell our products to many countries and regions. We will also study new products every year to keep up with the pace of the market and meet more customer needs. If you are interested in learning more about the order, please e-mail us at


Reference standard



Volatile loss

BS EN 664-1995



Dimensiontal   Stability after exposure to heat

ASTM F2199-09(2014)

Max 1.67mm/m

MD: -0.41mm/m CD: -0.17mm/m

Curling   after exposure to heat

EN ISO 23999




ISO 1183-1:2012

Per Contract


Residual indentation

ASTM F1914-07(2011)

Average max 8%


Peel resistance

EN ISO 24345

Min 50N/50mm

L: 87.0 N              S: 96.7 N

Profile tensile strength

ISO 10582

Min 100N/50mm

L: 285.3 N            S: 258.7 N

Slip Resistance

EN 13893

Class DS

Cigatette Burn Test

EN 438-2

Level 4

Abrasion resistance

BS EN 660-2-1999(A1-2003) ASTM D4060

Per Contract  Ref.Range:0.010g   -0.060g


Formaldehyde   Emission

EN 717-3


Castor chair

ISO 4918