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Gray SPC flooring
Gray SPC flooring
Product Detail

Available size for SPC flooring

Gray SPC flooring size

Painted bevel (1).jpg


Test report:


Reference standardRequirementResult
Volatile lossBS EN 664-1995≤10g/m21.6g/m2
Dimensiontal Stability after exposure to heatASTM F2199-09(2014)Max 1.67mm/mMD: -0.41mm/m CD: -0.17mm/m
Curling after exposure to heatEN ISO 23999≤2mm0.5mm
DensityISO 1183-1:2012Per Contract2.03g/cm3
Residual indentationASTM F1914-07(2011)Average max 8%0.24%
Peel resistanceEN ISO 24345Min 50N/50mmL: 87.0 N S: 96.7 N
Profile tensile strengthISO 10582Min 100N/50mmL: 285.3 N S: 258.7 N
Slip ResistanceEN 13893
Class DS
Cigatette Burn TestEN 438-2
Level 4
Abrasion resistanceBS EN 660-2-1999(A1-2003) ASTM D4060Per Contract Ref.Range:0.010g -0.060g0.049g
Formaldehyde EmissionEN 717-3
Castor chairISO 4918≥25,000rpm25000

Factory preview:

SPC lines .jpg

SPC 装箱.jpg

Match the same color for Skirting:

SPC accessory .jpg


1.Where is your company?

Our company is located in Changzhou city of China, which specializes in manufacturing laminated flooring and SPC Flooring.

2..Who are you cooperating with ?

Zhengfeng company is providing products to the wholesalers, importers, distributors,Contractor,Designer.we provide OEM service wholesalers with their own barnd and customized the packing.

3.Can I install SPC over my existing hard surface floors?

The answer is yes! You can upgrade your look by switching to SPC vinyl when you install over your old hard surface floors. You can also ask a professional flooring installation team for help. One point should be noted: the ground needs to be kept flat before installing.

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