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walnut spc flooring
walnut spc flooring
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Test report:


Reference standardRequirementResult
Volatile lossBS EN 664-1995≤10g/m21.6g/m2
Dimensiontal Stability after exposure to heatASTM F2199-09(2014)Max 1.67mm/mMD: -0.41mm/m CD: -0.17mm/m
Curling after exposure to heatEN ISO 23999≤2mm0.5mm
DensityISO 1183-1:2012Per Contract2.03g/cm3
Residual indentationASTM F1914-07(2011)Average max 8%0.24%
Peel resistanceEN ISO 24345Min 50N/50mmL: 87.0 N S: 96.7 N
Profile tensile strengthISO 10582Min 100N/50mmL: 285.3 N S: 258.7 N
Slip ResistanceEN 13893
Class DS
Cigatette Burn TestEN 438-2
Level 4
Abrasion resistanceBS EN 660-2-1999(A1-2003) ASTM D4060Per Contract Ref.Range:0.010g -0.060g0.049g
Formaldehyde EmissionEN 717-3
Castor chairISO 4918≥25,000rpm25000

Factory preview:

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1.What are the advantages of SPC Flooring compared to ceramic tiles?

Ceramic tiles have a certain amount of radiation, and the surface is too smooth and has no anti-slip function. The surface will change slippery when wet, and there are safety hazards. Thermal expansion and contraction are prone to cracks, and the density of loose sewage can easily seep to the surface. The SPC Flooringhas 0 radiation; super non-slip; thermal conductivity and environmental protection, uniform heat dissipation, home decoration floor heating will not expand and deform and conduct heat quickly, dry construction, no cement mortar, saving money and time.

2.General Care and Maintenance for SPC flooring

Sweep and vacuum the floor regularly. Use a vacuum designed for hard surfaces (if vacuum has a beater bar, it should be turned off).

Wipe off any spills with clean water and a damp (not wet) mop. Use a dry mop to remove surplus water and then allow to dry.

Do not use polishes, waxes, abrasive or ammonia-based cleaners. The surface is dense and non-porous which prevents cleaners from penetrating and this can build up a residue on the surface which will collect dirt. Please check any new cleaning agent on a small test patch of the floor in an inconspicuous area.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. During peak sunlight hours, use drapes or blinds to minimize the direct sunlight on the vinyl flooring. Most types of flooring will be affected by continuous strong sunlight. In addition, excessive temperatures are not good for resilient floors. Long term continuous inside temperatures over 35C combined with strong direct sunlight can damage the flooring and cause the installation to fail.

If your floor has been exposed to excessive amounts of water due to flooding, do not panic, SPC planks are waterproof. Simply remove the water as quickly as possible. A dehumidifier should be promptly turned on in the room to reduce moisture level back to normal. Do not dry the room below the normal moisture level that existed previously.

If scuff marks cannot be removed using a damp rag, stubborn scuffs can be removed by the use of a tennis ball or pencil eraser. Gently rub in long direction of plank.

Shoes with heels can damage this floor. Use protectors or pads under furniture legs. Place mats at the main access entrances to protect your floor from debris accumulated on the soles of shoes. Pets with long nails can cause damage to your floor.

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