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wood finish laminate flooring
wood finish laminate flooring

wood finish laminate flooring

Laminate wood flooring gives you everything you want from traditional hardwood floors, without the cost. Laminate closely resembles traditional hardwood floors
Product Detail

The wood finish laminate flooring is mostly stain-resistant and damage-resistant too. That means that cigarette stains, wine stains, food stains, or even waste stains will not form on it. Even if you are worried that it might, you can always give a slight wet wipe on the surface and you should be good to go.

Not only that, but the sealing of the flooring also prevents any minor scratches from happening like furniture and appliance drag marks, pet scratches, or accidental dropping of cutlery. You do not have to worry about the look of the flooring being spoiled or the surface being damaged at such small impacts.




Edge type



one piece


Brown HDF


synchronous finishing

Lock system

Double, Single, Uniclic etc.



Formaldehyde Emission






Laminate flooring specification.jpg

Technical Data for Mixspace Laminate Flooring

CharacteristicTest StandardResult
Squareness of floorEN13329≤0.20mm
Openings   between floorEN13329average ≤0.15mm, 
Height   difference between floorsEN13329Average ≤0.10mm, 
Dimensional variatins after changes in relative humidityEN13329length average ≤0.9mm
width average ≤0.9mm
Static indentationEN13329,Annex ENo visible change, ≤0.01mm indentation using a straight steel cylinder,   Φ=11.30mm 
AbrasionEN13329,Annex EAC3≥2000
Formaldehyde   releaseEN717-1E1
HDF density GB/T18102-2007Up to 860kg/cm3, Brown core
Impact ResistanceEN13329IC2
Resistance to   cigarette burnsEN4384
Thickness Swelling   rate(%)EN1332912%-15%
Slip resistanceEN14041DS

piso laminado laminate flooring manufacturer.jpg

piso laminado laminate flooring manufacturer.jpg

flooring wholesalers.jpg

1.How long is the warranty period of our laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is used in commercial(class 31 or 32) and residential(class 23) spaces. MIXSPACE offers industry-leading warranties on laminate products promising a life of 20 years and beyond.

2. Is laminate flooring cheaper than carpet

In the long term, laminate flooring is cheaper than carpet. Laminate flooring is more durable than carpet so that we can use it for a very long time. Laminate flooring is nearly double the lifespan of an average carpet, so it is more cost-effective.

3. Can laminate flooring be painted?

Yes, but you should use the qualified floor paint and paint it in right progress. If you can’t paint it yourself, it’s better to ask for professional paint team.

4.Can laminate flooring be used outside?

Unfortunately, laminate flooring is not intended for outdoor use. Most laminate floors are made strictly for indoor use. The flooring would get warped and damaged rapidly under the changing weather conditions .

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